Type: White Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Minho
Code: CALC001
A classic vinho verde with tropical fruits and lovely minerality.

Quinta da Calçada

Quinta da Calçada wine cellars were founded in 1917 in the city of Amarante. By that same date, the vineyards were planted of which there is still a small portion of about 50 acres, with a unique and distinctive personality. This Exclusive and Limited edition results from the character of the oldest vineyard in the region of Vinhos Verdes!
A yellow citric colour. It expresses the character of the Vinho Verde region with subtle floral notes and fruity aroma. It has a vivid acidity that results in a very fresh, attractive wine.
Best served with your favourite pasta dish.
The previously selected grapes were de-stemmed and slightly pressed. The extracted juice is decanted by gravity. It was then fermented in stainless steel vats with temperature control during approximately 15 days. Before bottling the wine is filtered and stabilized.

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