Type: White Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Code: PIAN001
Created from a blend of white grapes grown and harvested by hand from vineyards in Tuscany, this is an elegant wine with a refined taste and a captivating bouquet.

Barbanera SRL

Based at the foot of mount Cetona in a region- the Tuscan area- which is as generous as it is beautiful, renowned worldwide for its excellent grapes. Even today their work is inspired by their past, supported by the story they carry on their shoulders, by a heritage that every day encourages them to overcome hurdles, to increase the quality standard of a production process which is tradition rooted but always designed and carried out as a function of innovation. Passion and ambition are two of the most important guiding principles in their company culture, this is probably the reason why one of their priorities is to expand constantly their strategic goals even by crossing regional borders l...
Pian Oro is an elegant and charming wine with its brilliant and crystal-clear straw yellow colour. The intense and fresh bouquet is exploding with enchanting ripe yellow fruits notes of pineapple and peaches, enhanced by citrus scents in the background. The sapid and harmonic taste creates a long-lasting and well-balanced acid mouthfeel.
Enjoy with your favourite fish pasta dish.

Wine Merchant Top 100 2023, Highly Commended. Brian Elliott, Daily Record, August 2022: "Tuscany has no all-conquering white wine grape to rival sangiovese’s dominance with their red wines. So, producers there have been flexible and here, have created an imaginative and tasty white blend from an assortment of local grape varieties. Aromatic and ripe, it brings us gentle peach and fresh pineapple flavours embedded in a creamy, viscous texture that also contains savoury herbal influences but is enlivened by firm lime acidity."

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