Type: White Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Abruzzo
Code: PECO010
Not a cheese but a fine, characterful, irresistibly fresh, fruit-driven, elegant white wine from the Abruzzo hills where sheep (pecore) have roamed since time immemorial. If you are getting bored of your current tipple then try this - we like it a lot!
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Casa Vinicola Roxan

Roxan is located in the heart of Abruzzo, standing guard over the Pescara river valley, on a hill made up of layers of clay, sand and gravel soil. They are exposed to the air of the Gran Sasso and Majella Massifs, mitigated by air from the Adriatic seaside. The village is called Rosciano and was a natural home to the indigenous vines which, today, are cultivated in the 1,000 ha Abruzzo vineyard area. Roxan is a co-operative, founded 25 years ago by Mr Donato Ranieri and now consists of 700 producers, collectively pooling together their grapes. The wines are made by a team of professional oenologists who carefully follow a production process that stems from a unique combination of human resources, profound attachment to the land and a privileged natural environment. The typical rolling, hilly environment of the area with its unique climate and soils, together with the skills of the grape-growers and modern wine-making processes, are all key factors for attaining the high standards of their wines.

A top-class example of an increasingly fashionable Italian grape variety. Full, crisp and dry with a bouquet of flowers and pleasing aftertaste of ripe citrus fruit and a good layer of minerality and freshness.
A beautiful accompaniment to fish and fowl, especially game.
Soft pressing and fermentation at 15 degrees. Ageing in steel

Brian Elliott, Daily Record, "Pecorino from Abruzzo in Central Italy is another of the previously little-known white wines produced from grape varieties returned from the (almost) dead by the country’s skilled winemakers and by shrewd investment. This is a particularly good example of what pecorino does well, so enjoy its soft yet nicely textured apple and tropical fruit flavours (white peach perhaps) enlivened here by hints of green herbs and sherbet lemon acidity."

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