Type: White Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Trentino
Code: CANT195
A unique white grape, Nosiola is native to Trentino and finds its true home on the hillsides of Pressano and the Cembra Valley. In its historic production area on the marl-rich soils of Pressano, Nosiola develops a unique aroma and structure.
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Cantina Lavis

Cantina Lavis is an historical winery located at the heart of the Trentino subregion. Founded in 1850 by the Cembran family, it has been a cooperative since 1948.

Pale yellow in colour with pastel green tints, this wine oozes floral suggestions of rose petals, lychee, and jasmine. With a curious delicate note of hazelnut, it is full and persistent on the palate, with just the right acidity.
Grilled vegetables and fish dishes. Great accompaniment with an asparagus and clams risotto.

Joanna Simon, Week of the Week, June 2023: "You need to let this lithe, young, north Italian white open up in your glass to enjoy it at its best, so pour it out, give it a good swirl and linger over it. You'll be rewarded with an airy, fragrant Alpine nose of wild herbs and flowers and a nimble palate that starts with fresh, grassy, soft-leaved herbs and gathers apple, quince, a touch of toasted almond and white pepper around it." Matthew Jukes, Money Week, September 2023: ''It has taken me 17 years to feature a Nosiola in this column, and I am delighted that this day has come because this is a stunning version of this ultra-rare white grape, and it is also mind-blowing value for money. Cantina Lavis was founded in 1850 by the Cembran family. It has operated as an elite cooperative since 1948, so they know about crafting sensual, memorable and accurate wines. With outstanding freshness, a haunting, silky texture, and hints of hazelnut, apple skin, celery, and lemon pith, this is a white wine that shape-shifts in the glass, parading brightness and crispness as well as intrigue, uniqueness and beguiling complexity. The folks at House of Townend brought this wine to my attention, prompting me to look deeper into their cellar for more curios."

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