Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Code: MEUR510
This is a step up yet again and is what Michelot is all about. Named after the small walled vineyard (‘Clos’) that lies huddled down to the front of the estate, this sheltered 0.94ha site enjoys an extra 1°C degree of temperature. The late Bernard Michelot claims that he always felt that extra degree of warmth after he jumped over the wall, returning from seeing his girlfriend in the early hours, after breaking the evening curfew during the 2WW! A richer, more honeyed ( if it were possible ) version of the straight Villages wine.

Domaine Mestre Michelot

Domaine Michelot has been in the Michelot family for six generations and, having increased in size over the years, now comprises more than 19 hectares which include a number of prestigious 1er cru wines. The domaine achieved widespread recognition in the 60s under the direction of the charismatic Bernard Michelot and this spirit and tradition flourishes and grows in the hands of the current generation. The Meursault vineyards are made up of a number of “terroirs” – parcels of land with individual characteristics of soil, drainage and orientation – and their distinct personalities yield a diverse range of wines.
Nutty, honeyed, rich and round with layer upon layer of pineapple, peach apple and pain grillé. A beautiful vibrancy gives life and energy. Powerful, hedonistic, yet utterly restrained, poised and focused
An absolute classic with lobster thermidor!

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