Type: White Wine
Country: Spain
Region: D.O. Rías Baixas
Code: ALBA040
A superb wine produced by Bodegas Acquitania in Rías Baixas. With many medals garnered already, this is produced in the cool Galician vineyards of Rias Baixas and shows great intensity and crisp apple scented fruit and layered mineral aromas.

Bodegas Aquitania

The major wine farms of the cellar, Iglesario vineyard, Currás, Lourido, Montarrán, etc are situated in surrounding plots. The land has granitic soil, where on occasions the bedrock comes to the surface which provides the wine with a delicate minerality.
Pale in colour but with flecks of green and gold. Fresh and forward on the nose, intense aromas of citrus with some minerality. Crisp dessert apple, a touch of roasted nut and flinty mineral-like flavours abound on the thirst-quenching palate - lovely balanced acidity throughout and a long fine finish.
This wine pairs perfectly with Galician cuisine. Try with grilled fish, seafood, white meat and fresh cheese.
After pruning and a comprehensive periodical survey of the vine, the vines are green pruned. This inhances the concentration and gives tannin ripeness and high sugar levels. The grapes are crushed and the juice is fermented under controlled temperature using indigenous yeasts. Soft clarification and filtration before bottling retains the wines natural freshness along with a note of salinity and lifted aroma and palate.

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