Sparkling Meslier NV Brut Rosé, Joanne Irvine

A beautiful Brut Rosé made by the famous Joanne Irvine using 100% Meslier. Joanne's Meslier Brut Rosé is the only single varietal Meslier Rosé produced in the world.
Main Grape:
Grape Mix:
Sub Region:
Mount Torrens
Refined, elegant and refreshing
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Drink now
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Lévrier Wines by Jo Irvine

Jo Irvine produces her Lévrier by Jo Irvine in a 500 tonne purpose built, small batch processing facility in the Barossa Valley. Jo believes that "Great wines are created by synergy and attention to detail both in the vineyard and the winery". She is passionate about the quality of the wines that she produces and is now enjoying worldwide recognition for the wines she has created. The Lévrier range is truly outstanding and we are delighted to be chosen by Jo to promote these wines.

Tasting Notes

A beautiful 100% Meslier sparkling wine from the cooler region of Adelaide Hills at Mount Torrens. A small amount of current vintage Cabernet Sauvignon is added to create the attractive pale rosé colour. Aromas are typically described as "Granny Smith Green Apple" and citrus. The texture is creamy with apple like flavours and a balanced racey acidity. With maturity the Meslier Brut Rosé deepens and further rewards in colour and complexity.

Food Matches

Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and brioche for breakfast/brunch. Natural oysters, fresh lobster, or pan seared lobster with mild ginger lime butter and steamed asparagus.


Traditionally grown in France and with only a few acres planted worldwide, Meslier is a white grape and has the unique ability to contain very high, natural grape acids as it nears flavour ripeness. Usually picked at approximately 10 baumé it can have up to 18 gms per litre total acidity and as such can add natural acidity to traditional Champagne blends. This acidity is particularly important in warm vintages when traditional varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir drop their acidity very quickly during ripening. Grape flavour is described as “Granny Smith green apples”. The base wines are very pale in colour with lifted apple fruit and crisp, racey acidity. Vintage wines are allowed to mature on yeast lees for 24-36 months before final blending with 40-50% of a younger vintage. This allows maturity of the older yeast lees autolysis portion to marry with the fresh fruity flavours of the current vintage thus creating middle palate weight with balanced acidity. A small amount of current vintage Cabernet Sauvignon is added to create the attractive pale rose colour.

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