Type: Rosé Wine
Country: USA
Region: California
Code: MILE010
770 Miles Zinfandel Rosé is a lovely wine using the red Zinfandel grape from California's Central Valley.
Main Grapes
Grape Mix
Drinking Window
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770 Miles

The state of California is by far the most important producer of wine in the USA. Its grape growers succeed in many differing environments up and down the state from the fog influenced coastal valleys of Sonoma, Napa and Carneros, to the hot irrigated Central Valley and Monterey, Santa Barbera and Edna Valley on the Pacific coast and to Themecula on the Mexican boarder. 770 Miles is the product of expert negociants who have selected, vinified and blended grapes ideally suited to the Californian climate, selected from across the vineyards of California’s Central Valley to create consistent wines in perfect conditions.
It has a wonderful deep pink colour; the palate is soft and fruity with hints of strawberries and raspberries.
Great with lightly spiced curries or light summer salads.
The wine is made according to a traditional process that takes into account the grapes' character. This requires excellent quality grapes and the vineyard's total dedication to this process. Following malolactic fermentation, the wines are rapidly clarified and preserved at low temperatures beneather inert gas.

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