Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Code: AUBE020
This appellation is situated to the north west of Faugères where the soils are high in limestone and schist content. The vines are planted at an altitude of 500m, the cooler climes allowing a long and slow ‘hang time’ for the grapes. Produced with high Mourvèdre content (50%) with the remainder of the blend consisting of 25% Syrah and 25% Grenache, aged in old oak for 12 months.

Aubert & Mathieu

Aubert & Mathieu is the story of two friends, Anthony Aubert and Jean-Charles Mathieu, who met in school, chose different paths, but met up again and decided to further their respective passions for wine production. Their exciting new project started with the 2016 vintage, with the first wines being released in March 2019. Already their main market is the trendy Paris restaurant scene. They set out to produce niche wines in the best terroirs of Languedoc-Roussillon. They focus on the best terroirs in the region, highlighting the nuances and singularities of each appellation. The DNA of their wines show the perfect mastery of freshness, balance and the search for complexity. Inspiration, carefree and a little fantasy led them on their way! Anthony Aubert is modest when he says “Make no mistake…. the real star is the terroir!”
A gorgeous hibiscus and cinnamon perfume with a sumptuously ripe fruit bouquet. This is good! Vibrant fruit and spice that bowls you over with a detonation of flavour and uncoiling acidity. Orange peel and raspberry popsicles and red cherries layered over a raft of rugged but polished, dry tannins.
Perfect with Cassoulet and other pork and bean dishes.
Manual harvest. Traditional vinification, malolactic fermentation in barrels. Aged for 12 months in oak, 50% of which were 1 year old barrels.

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