Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Rhône Valley
Code: PURC001
A fabulous wine made from 16 grape varieties from vines that are over 100 years old.

Domaine du Bois de Saint-Jean

"In May 1910, my great-grandfather Joseph Requin planted the first vine of the vineyard, hundred years ago…. I was born on the 10th May 2010 and I whispered to my father Xavier and uncle Vincent the idea to make a special wine with this vine. They said to me there were 16 grape-varieties and that drives it mysterious. I invite you to discover this Côtes du Rhône Red" Gabin.
Packed with a myriad of black fruit flavours.
Made with 16 grape varieties from a centennial vine, this wine is a great accompaniment to all great meals, from starters through to desserts.
All these varieties are 100% destemmed and fermented for 3 weeks.

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