Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Code: POMM245
Situated to the right as you enter Pommard from Beaune, lying on vineyards that slope gently up from the road on the right as you leave Beaune, and adjoining Beaune 1er cru, this is an exemplary wine - very impressive! Always one of the star performing wines at this domaine, it never fails to disappoint and 2021 is no exception, as it defies the cooler summer climes in its character.

Domaine Joseph Voillot

This domaine has been producing wine now for five generations, but it is since the present owner, Jean Pierre Charlot, son-in-law of Joseph Voillot, took control that it has moved into the league of serious wine producers. The domaine consists of 10ha of vineyards, with holdings in the top vineyards of both Volnay and Pommard, including some prized sites in several 1er Crus. The grapes are partially destemmed and the wines matured in oak barrels (20-35% new) for 12-18 months.

‘Pure jam’! Rich in prunes, concentrated blackcurrants and liqourice, with a delectable cherry freshness that provides a stunning balance, this is an impressive wine. So opulent and complex with a wonderful texture of crème de mur and a long powerful finish.
Great with duck breast with lavender beetroot and sweet potato.

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