Type: Red Wine
Country: USA
Region: California
Code: LONG185
A lush Merlot from the Dakine vineyard, which is Longboard's Estate vineyard, enhanced by the addition of 14% Malbec.
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Longboard Vineyards

Longboard was born from the passion of Oded Shakked, surfer first, winemaker later, who brings a unique perspective to winemaking, or rather winegrowing as he prefers to call it. Longboard believes that great tasting wines are those that are true to the people and place that grew them. Thus, they extend the notion of “terroir” to include the human aspect, not just the soils, climate and weather.
Dakine Merlot is lush with blackcurrant, violet and blueberry aromas with that signature note of wild fennel. The generous mid-palate is full of sweet-tasting tannins, and dark chocolate flavours.
Pair with a rare Filet Mignon or a beef carpaccio.
Aged for 24 months in French oak barrels.

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