Type: Red Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Code: GUID055
A second wine from the producer of the legendary Sassicaia

Tenuta San Guido

In the 1940's, a project of passion was born when the truly visionary Marachese Mario Incisa Della Rochetta realised the vast potential of Bordeaux varities in Bolgheri a coastal area of Tuscany previously unknowne for its wine production. The project was honed over 20 years and only shared with close friends and neighbours at the time. However the great quality on display could not be kept a secret forever and eventaully under immense presure from their peers the family released the first commercial vintage of Sassicaia in 1968. Since then, allocated and acclaim have followed on of the most profound Cabernet dominant wines in the world to become the flagship Super Tuscan, and arguably Italy's most important wine.
A voluptuous nose charged with blackcurrant, black cherries, damson notes is rained in by mineral, almost balsamic hints of black olive, mint, tomato leaf and fresh black pepper. The exuberant nose of youth shouldn’t distract from the assertive and confident backbone that is clearly evident when the wine had time to open up in the glass.
Enjoy with ribeye steak!

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