Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Code: CLOS290
The exposure of this property is perfect. Located in front of the chapel, only 200m from Vieux Château Certan and 300m from Château Petrus.

Clos de Clocher

Clos du Clocher was founded in 1924 by Jean Baptiste Audy who started out with a small plot of vines near the church of Pomerol. The property was put together and created in a piecemeal fashion, one parcel or row of vines at a time. Since the original formation of Clos du Clocher, the estate has grown to three plots, totaling 4.6 hectares in their Right Bank vineyards. Jean Baptiste Audy, who is responsible for the creation of Clos du Clocher was already familiar with the Bordeaux wine trade, as he was already an experienced Bordeaux wine n...

Produced from 100% Merlot and aged in 50% new oak barrels, there is an astonishing depth of prune laden fruit on the bouquet. Very ripe, the palate is round and plump. Fruit dominant at the moment, however the core is strong and firm with finely polished tannins giving extra support. An excellent wine, rivalling the recent 2016 in quality.
Perfectly paired with beef wellington with roasted butternut squash and greens.
Aged in 30% new oak barrels

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