Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: South West
Code: CEDR025
An outstanding pure wine, naturally expressive, capturing the authentic qualities of the Malbec grape.

Chateau du Cedre

The Verhaeghe family have been making wine in the Lot since the 1950s. Today it is Pascal and Jean-Marc in charge of this domaine, now certified both organic and biodynamic. There are three parcels of vineyards, the largest of which is 12.5 acres with stony calcareous clay which is called ‘Tran’. This plays an important role retaining heat and moisture. Drawing on his winemaking experience from California to Burgundy, Pascal delicately creates wines of great elegance and roundness. “We do organic farming. W started in the early nineties by banning all herbicides from the vineyards and managed to get rid of all chemical spraying agents by 2002. This really improved the quality of our grapes and encouraged us to ask for organic certification in 2009. After three years of conversion, we have made our first certified organic wine in 2012.”Pascal Verhaeghe
On the nose there is a bold blackberry character with black pepper and a hint of green bell pepper. On the palate these aromas reveal themselves to be bold but also bright and refreshing. The Blackberry is still the dominating flavour but coupled with light tannins and spice.
Drink with gilled meat or try with a Beef Roast dinner
Organic practises used throughout, no extra sulphur is adding during the winemaking process. It spends 12 months in foudre, a French oak barrel that is very large and can hold thousands of litres of wine. Little intervention is vital in its production. The vineyards avoid herbicides and spraying and instead apply green harvesting methods reducing their bunces to 4 or 5 per vine.

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