Type: Champagne
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Code: ROED135
Crafted from a generous and perfectly ripened harvest of grapes, Cristal 2014 is a sun-drenched vintage characterised by the intensity of its fruit, its incredible chalky purity and the perfect balance it strikes between maturity and freshness. Cristal 2014 is ready to be enjoyed in its youth yet still has potential for evolution with a long future ahead of it.

Louis Roederer

Louis Roederer Champagne, famous for Cristal Champagne, is a Champagne house of exceptional quality, aristocratic elegance and distinct style. When he inherited the Champagne House in 1833, the aesthete and entrepreneur Louis Roederer took a visionary approach to enriching his vines, aiming to master every stage of the wine’s creation. He forged the wine’s unique style, character, and taste. In the mid-nineteenth century, Louis Roederer acquired some of Champagne’s grand cru vineyards—an approach that contrasted sharply with contemporary practices. While other Houses bought their grapes, Louis Roederer nurtured his vineyards, familiarized himself with the specific characteristics of each parcel, and methodically acquired the finest land. Louis Roederer’s guiding principle was that all great wine depends on the quality of the soil, a passion for tradition, and an astute vision of the future; the fame and reputation of the House of Louis Roederer was firmly established. His heir, Louis Roederer II was equally enlightened and adopted his father’s conscientious approach to the production of champagne, patrimonial estate management, and instinctive audacity. It remains today as one of the only still independent and family-run Champagne Houses. Not only are they a notable Champagne producer but also have a exceptional wine portfolio. Louis Roederer is considered one of the leading champagne houses and Louis Roederer at The Champagne Company includes Louis Roederer Brut Premier & Vintage Brut & Rosé Champagne all firm favourites with connoisseurs worldwide.
A golden hue with soft, glowing highlights. Fine, steady, gentle bubbles. The nose is powdery and sweet, with elegant, chalky notes. Powerful and complex on the palate, revealing a mixture of yellow fruit, juicy, ripe fruits, citrus peel and finely-roasted hazelnuts. The finish is savoury and saline.
An obvious selection for that special occasion. Superb on its own or a fabulous match for shellfish and oysters.
Made from 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. 32% vinified in oak casks The dosage is 8 g/l.

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