Type: Liqueurs
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Code: BRIO001
Fresh and zesty rhubarb liqueur from Briottet, made using both red and green rhubarb macerated for two months in alcohol for a more balanced flavour.

Maison Briottet

A former wine establishment Briottet was set up in 1836. Given the growing popularity of the "white wine-cassis" aperitif Edmond Briottet little by little stopped operating as a wine trader and instead switched over gradually to producing Crème de Cassis. Since then each successive generation of the Briottet family has worked at the firm.
A subtle mix of macerated green and red rhubarb gives this rhubarb liqueur its unique taste and its slightly pink colour. A powerful and generous nose, a round palate with a hint of acidity, and a charming finish.
Very warming and sweet on it's own. Also great mixed with lemonade!

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