Type: White Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Douro
Code: POCA410
A highly unique, aromatic, crisp, linear and poised dry white which is great with food. Arinto is a light and aromatic white grape normally found in the Bucelas region of southern Portugal. With around 1 Ha planted in the top Quinta Vale da Cavelos sub region of the Douro, the family estate of Pocas are arguably one of the bigger owners of this elusive and aromatic white grape in the Douro.
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Poças Júnior

In 1918, a few months before the Armistice, Manoel Domingues Poças Júnior, who had been born in the heart of the Port Wine hustle and bustle, decided to establish his own company. Manoel Poças was 30 years old and he had some experience in this business. With his uncle, he created a company to sell grape spirits to large Port Wine shippers. Soon afterwards he opened a head office in Vila Nova de Gaia, where they remain to this day. Today, with three quintas in the best winemaking areas of the Douro Demarcated Region, Poças ensures its total control over the quality of its wines and the family is more involved than ever before.

Aromas of grapefruit, honeysuckle and lemon. Unctuous, with a good balance, a fresh and long-lasting finish. Faint orange elements, over a core of precise and structured tightness and intense minerality. Faint oak gives weight to a delicious finish.
Goes especially well with clams and fish pasta
Grape selection in the field and harvested manually. Temperature controlled fermentation. Matures for 9 months in old French oak casks with 300 litres.

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