Type: White Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Cariñena
Code: OTRO001
An outstanding value Spanish wine from the increasingly influential Carinena region of Spain, a hundred or so miles south west of Barcelona. Esteban Martin are a terrific modern winery with full flavoured, well ripened fruit.

Estaban Martin

Bodegas Esteban Martin are located at the foot of the Iberian Cordillera. In this area the climate is influenced by a cold, dry wind, called “Cierzo”. Winters are cold and summers are extremely hot, there is little rainfall and temperature fluctuations tend to be extreme, which is why, so the vines have a great personality and character.
Straw-yellow. Highly aromatic and floral, outstanding freshness and subtle notes of tropical fruits, such as mango.
Pair with fish and seafood, pasta salad, sushi, Thai cuisine, vegetarian dishes and poultry dishes with cream sauces, or to drink before a meal.

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