Type: White Wine
Country: Germany
Region: Mosel
Code: BRAU005
This wine's name describes the fact that the vines are grown on a brown soil hill, due to high iron content and the fact that it is south facing – Sonnenuhr meaning ‘Sundial’. A sundial is only put in a south-facing vineyard.
Main Grapes
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Drinking Window
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Weingut Fritz Haag

The historic Fritz Haag wine estate is located in the heart of the central Mosel River Valley. The earliest documentation of the estate dates back to 1605. At that time, the village in which it is situated was known as “Dusemond.” In 1925, this village was renamed “Brauneberg” (“brown mountain,” a reference to the colour of the slate soil in this area of the Mosel) in an endeavour to further promote the reputation of its world-renowned vineyards “Brauneberger Juffer” and “Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr”. The Fritz Haag estate owns 17.5 ha (43 acres) of vineyards which are all exclusively planted with Riesling. The excellent micro-climate and the deep slate soils of the Brauneberg hillside yield some of the most intensely flavoured and elegantly-structured Riesling wines of the Mosel region. Oliver Haag rigorously selects the clones most suited to the microclimate of his vineyards in order to achieve the maximum potential in the grapes.
Great weight, elegant with an excellent acidity and intense minerality, giving a beautiful balance.
Goes well with thai green curry with coconut rice.

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