Type: Rosé Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Code: PIGI115
Rosé Pinot Grigio is a must for the summer, pefect for quaffing on the terrace or garden, and happy to go with or without food. Pale and soft yet with an elegance behind its easy-going nature.
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Casa Girelli

Founded in the late Nineteenth century, Casa Girelli is a historic Italian company that has made the art of winemaking its vocation. It has evolved over the past few decades and now markets its products in over 50 countries. Casa Girelli possesses a wide portfolio of wines, including many quality products from different regions of Italy.

In the glass we get classic rosé aromas, light strawberry, bright raspberry and the palate is lean, crisp and fresh. The finish is light and fresh.
Works very well with bruschetta with parma ham and fresh pesto.
A Classic lighter style dry rose, made with the summer in mind. Machine picked grapes, delivered to the winery within 2 hours of picking to minimise oxidation, then the grapes are chilled to stop any wild yeast action, before crushing and fermentation is inocculated in steel tank. Pinot Grigio's natural skin colour, a mottled orange/ autumn pink leaches colour into the clear juice over a period of approx 12 hours, at which point the now pink juice is run into a clean tank and continues fermenting until finished - about 4 weeks, then bottled

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