Type: Red Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Castilla y León
Code: PESQ080
Tinto Pesquera, is a world famous wine that reflects the character of a whole country full of stories, customs and charm; where modernity and tradition go hand in hand. It is distinguished by its personality, structure and bouquet, a real gift to the senses.

Grupo Pesquera

Alejandro Fernández, following family tradition, learned from his father to make wine using grapes from small vineyards. He is the perfect example of the self-made man. A man who, in his youth, and while holding down various jobs, nurtured his dream of one day running a bodega. However, he had to wait until 1972 to have his own bona fide bodega; a modest 16th century stone-built bodega, from where almost all the winemaking process was carried out. The four bodegas that comprise Alejandro Fernández’s wine legacy, and constitute Grupo Pesquera, share a passion for winemaking that has been perfected over time.
Burgundy colour with medium intense violet hues. It has a fruity nose with hints of red fruit aromas, and touches of vanilla, licorice and mineral notes. The tannins are soft and well-rounded, and demonstrate ageing potential. The finish is persistent with a finale of candied fruits that shows why Tinto Pesquera has been appreciated for 40 years by the most demanding palates.
A favourite to have with roasts, poultry, veal as well as goats cheese. Also faboulous with Iberian Ham.
The winemaking style is traditional. Alejandro and his family love traditional wines so they didn't want to start to add a lot of things into the winemaking process. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations are always natural processes. Alejandro and Eva Fernández, the winemakers of the four wineries, age their wines in American oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months (the Crianza). These wines are never filtered or clarified.

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