Type: Red Wine
Country: USA
Region: California
Code: LONG195
A wine made to deliver flavours as bold as the statement made by the image on the bottle. "We only make this blend in years when nature makes it possible for us to blend a wine that merits this designation. We aim to capture raw power that is restrained and polished to perfection" (Oded Shakked)

Longboard Vineyards

Longboard was born from the passion of Oded Shakked, surfer first, winemaker later, who brings a unique perspective to winemaking, or rather winegrowing as he prefers to call it. Longboard believes that great tasting wines are those that are true to the people and place that grew them. Thus, they extend the notion of “terroir” to include the human aspect, not just the soils, climate and weather.
Classic Cabernet Sauvignon profile with blackcurrant, ripe olive and freshly turned earth notes. Firm tannins and a great lengthy finish
Pair with Beef Wellington.
Uninoculated fermentation. 26 months in French oak barrels

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