Type: Red Wine
Country: Argentina
Region: Tupungato
Code: ESTE001
This vibrant and cheerful wine is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, which is superbly crafted and represents fantastic value for money. A real crowd pleaser and one to keep a stock of in the wine rack.

Las Estelas

Estela Perinetti comes from a family of wine makers and after working for the Catena family she has returned to her roots and now manages the family estate Las Estelas where she is fast becoming one to watch on the Argentinian wine scene. In 1940, Estela Perinetti's grandfather purchased a piece of land in the cold zone of Tupungato to produce Semillón and named it Finca Mangato. A few decades later, Dr. Héctor Perinetti, decided to plant red varieties in this vineyard. Later, Estela along with her mother, Estela Armando, chose the highest (1,300 masl) and rockiest lot to produce the vineyard's first Malbec. Today, Las Estelas is a project with three wines that honor the feminine attitude and love for wine of this great Argentine winemaker.
The wine shouts black juicy fruits, blackcurrant leaf, rosemary and a hint of blackcurrant blossom. The palate is bright and vibrant with plenty of fruit and freshness
Drink alongside homemade lasagne

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