Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Code: TRAC040
Classic Pouilly Fumé from one of the Loire valley's most famous properties, producing world class Sauvignon Blanc, this cuvee comes from a special plot of vines planted to an extremely high density, resulting in lower amounts of grapes produced per vine, but higher quality grapes. This cuvée is all about richness, complexity and depth!
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Château de Tracy

Historical documents confirm that vines have been grown on Château de Tracy's property for over 600 years. But the winery really got its start when Francois Stutt--whose ancestors left Scotland to support France's future King Charles VII in the Hundred Year War--married the Lady of Tracy in 1586. By the end of the 19th century, Jacque d' Estutt had bottled the estate's first commercial wines, selling them in both France and Russia. Château de Tracy entered the modern era in the early 1950s when Jacqueline de Tracy agreed to marry the Comte Alain d' Estutt d...

A rich and complex wine, with initial aromas of vanilla, coconut and pastry followed by Sauvignon notes of boxwood, rhubarb and sweet fruity notes of lemon, blood orange, peach and mango. The palate shows wonderful finesse and freshness with citrus fruits, peach and tropical fruit finishing with an appetising chalkiness.
Fabulous with fish

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