Type: White Wine
Country: Slovenia
Region: Styria
Code: DOPP020
A delightfully elegant wine, with great depth of flavour due to spontaneous fermentation. The minerality is full to bursting - very moreish!
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Doppler Winery

The Doppler Winery is onto its 3rd generation and is situated in the ‘up-and-coming’ Styria wine-growing region in the north eastern end of Slovenia, 360 metres above sea level. They are a leading producer in the new and exciting scene full of orange wine, pét-nat and other low intervention styles. Their journey began in 1815 with Admont Benedictine's first vine planting. Ivan Doppler acquired their estate in 1938, who himself came from a winegrowing family. His acquisition represented a life-long dream as well as a means of livelihood. After 89 successful harvests he passed his knowledge and passion onto his daughter Veronika Krsnik, who took over in 2002. Now her daughter Mihaela is i...
Light gold in colour with green tinge. Mineral aroma with thyme. On tasting the wine bursts with fresh herbs, thyme and rosemary balanced with a hit of vanilla. There is a lovely undertone of dry tobacco leaves that adds complexity of flavour.
Drink with roasted chicken
The wine is aged and fermented on gross lees in 200L oak barrels for 12 months. Spontaneous fermentation is utilised by allowing yeast in the environment to ferment the must without interference, the resulting wine achieves a greater depth of flavour.

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