Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Code: TRAC045
Produced from a very careful selection of grapes picked from the oldest vines around the Château, grown on a terroir of Flint. Only 1500-2000 bottles are produced of this outstanding Pouilly Fumé.
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Château de Tracy

Historical documents confirm that vines have been grown on Château de Tracy's property for over 600 years. But the winery really got its start when Francois Stutt--whose ancestors left Scotland to support France's future King Charles VII in the Hundred Year War--married the Lady of Tracy in 1586. By the end of the 19th century, Jacque d' Estutt had bottled the estate's first commercial wines, selling them in both France and Russia. Château de Tracy entered the modern era in the early 1950s when Jacqueline de Tracy agreed to marry the Comte Alain d' Estutt d'Assay, and together they restored and expanded the vineyard. Today, their son, Henri, fastidiously oversees the family business. Located five miles east of the Sancerre appellation, Château de Tracy sits atop a prominent limestone outcropping that overlooks the Loire River. Covering nearly 70 acres, the estate's vineyards extend from the flinty earth of "Tracy hill" to the fossil-rich limestone soils of the "Champs de Cris" plateau. The blending of fruit from these distinctive sites is the key to consistently producing wines with both elegance and power.
Pale yellow with gold reflects. The nose is very fresh, starting with fern, rhubarb, and a nice minerality. After a short breathe, appear some floral scents such as elderflower. The mouth is massive and chiseled, filled by intense exotic fruits flavors, coconut, toasted almonds. This vintage shows a perfect balance between power and elegance, offering a delicate lemony and flinty finish.
Fabulous with fish

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