Type: Sparkling Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Verona
Code: ZENI070
A very pink sparkling wine! Not only opulent but also delightfully moreish. It's fragrant, floral and juicy. The perfect accompaniment to a warm summer's day.
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Gaetano Zeni, referred to as Nino by everyone, was the real innovator of the modern era of the winery: a number of small and big changes initiated by him lifted the winery to its level of today. It was Nino who decided to move the production in the 1950s from the small winery in the historic centre of Bardolino to its present location,with more space and improved practicality, in the hills above the village with a spectacular view of Lake Garda. In the new winery he also decided to establish the wine museum to promote the culture and the story of wine growing and wine making. The philosophy of the winery, which was implemented by Gaetano Zeni, is pursued today with the same enthusiasm and dedication by his children Fausto, Elena and Federica and includes in particular the meticulous selection of both vineyards and grapes. The separate vinification of the grapes from the different wine areas is today still one of the fundamentals of the winery, giving the wines local character and high quality. The continuous improvement both in the production processes and in the winery’s management enabled the winery to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.
A dazzling salmon pink colour, the wine has a fruity and aromatic bouquet with notes of strawberry and red cherry. On the palate, the juicy fruit is coupled with floral tones of acacia, rose. Although fruit forward the wine has a touch of pastry to finish.
Drink as an aperitif or with a light fish dish
The vines are planted in the Bardolino Classica zone which is on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The soil is hilly and of morainic origin. The grapes are handpicked once reaching optimum ripeness. Once in the winery the grapes are gently pressed, followed by allow and temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks using the Charmat Process. In this method, secondary fermentation takes place in large, pressurised tanks rather than individual bottles. After the base wine is made, it is transferred to a tank along with sugar and yeast to ferment.

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