Type: Red Wine
Country: USA
Region: California
Code: CRUS005
A very rare find in America delicious affordable Pinot Noir.
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The Crusher Wines

The Crusher Wines are a testament to an enduring partnership between the winemaking tradition of the Sebastiani family and the Wilsons, a respected grape-growing family with deep roots in Clarksburg, California. Fittingly named for the point in the winemaking process where the fruit of one family’s labors literally gives way to those of the other. The Crusher wines highlight the vibrancy and beauty of the fruit produced in the up-and-coming Clarksburg appellation.
Smouldering away with inviting aromas of wild cherry, raspberry and cedar that combine with flavours of cherry and cranberry on a silky textured palate, finishing long & mellow with some sweet spice.
Lovely and fresh with Chili and lemongrass glazed tuna steak with avocado salad.

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