Type: Liqueurs
Country: Australia
Region: New South Wales
Code: BLAC090
A hand crafted caffeinated wünderdrink made by hand at the Mr Black distillery.

Mr Black

Mr Black was established in 2012 by designer Tom Baker and one of Australia’s highest awarded distillers, Philip Moore. United by a love for black bitter beverages and mutual distain for every other product in the industry labelled ‘coffee’, Tom and Philip established Mr Black in 2012 to make the best coffee liqueur in the world.
Black Ink in colour with overwhelming fresh espresso on the nose. The palate is bitter, yet balanced with chocolate and caramels and a fine citrus edge. Leading to a finish of toffee, marmalade and of course coffee ‘til the end.
Blend Mr Black 50:50 with whisky for a taste of what it can do with mixed drinks.

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