Type: Gin
Country: England
Region: Harrogate
Code: SLIN005
Slingsby award-winning London Dry Gin, crafted using Harrogate spring water, pure single grain spirit and locally sourced botanicals and masterfully infused the finest hand-grown Yorkshire rhubarb. Originally produced as a small Limited Edition batch, Rhubarb Gin proved to be so popular that they are extremely proud to welcome Slingsby Rhubarb Gin into the family.

Slingsby's Harrogate

They are a Harrogate based business that does things differently, thinks differently and has a different vision to others. For hundreds of years, discerning individuals have visited the picturesque Yorkshire town to restore body, mind and soul by relaxing, indulging and socialising. They have sought to capture the spirit of Harrogate, synonymous with its beautiful and restorative nature, and deliver it in a bottle to you.
Initial sweetness of rhubarb and raspberry followed by the bitter tang of the pink grapefruit citrus base. A tart Rhubarb finish rounds off the drink leaving an unforgettable flavour on the pallet.
Enjoy with elderflower tonic, on ice with a raspberry.

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