Type: Gin
Country: England
Region: Yorkshire
Code: MASO120
Soft juniper, British raspberries and punchy citrus combine to create a gin with a vibrant aroma and a long, balanced finish.

Masons Distillery

Setup by husband and wife team Karl and Catherine Mason with the aim of creating a gin that they would want and choose to drink, Masons Yorkshire Gin is a spirit proud of it’s Northern heritage. The mission was simple - they wanted to do away with boring generic gins and instead come up with something that was truly exciting worthy of their hard work and of their home turf in God’s own county. The duo embarked on what became a long complicated journey of trial and error in search of a perfect gin taste that was also unique in flavour. Their desire to create their spirit in Yorkshire is a crucial point as having left their jobs they soon realised that to do so they were going to have to make the gin themselves given all the distilleries in Yorkshire had unfortunately been shut-down many years before. After an extensive search for a location they settled on a workshop in Bedale a market town in North Yorkshire.They spent several months before they were happy with the final recipe and botanical line with Masons Yorkshire Gin first released on World Gin Day 15th June 2013.
Aromas for zesty lemon sherbet, fresh British raspberries and soft juniper. The palate continues with this theme leading to a long and balanced finish.
Enjoy over ice with a premium tonic water and garnish with mint.

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