Type: Mineral Water
Country: England
Region: Shropshire
Code: WENL005
Wenlock Spring -a premium British water drawn from a source in constant use since 1086. Exclusively for hospitality.

Wenlock Spring Ltd

Wenlock Spring is a family business which commenced bottling water in 1989 and since this date the central focus has been to produce a high-quality premium water, sourced responsibly and packaged in an environmentally conscious way, which includes changing their plastic PET bottles, to Recycled plastic (rPET) bottles in 2018. Their investment in machinery and technology keeps them abreast of strict laws that govern bottled water at both a national and European level. The company has attained The British Retail Consortium Higher (Grade A) Accreditation for the bottling of Wenlock Spring in both glass and plastic bottles and also achieved the highest level of accreditation from the British Water C...
Clean, refreshing and delicately sweet with a gentle and easily drinkable light fizz.
Chilled but not straight from the fridge; like serving a white wine.

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