Best Wine For Valentine’s Day and Romantic Evenings

Romantic Wines: A Guide To Wine For Lovers

What is the world’s most romantic wine? It’s a subjective issue – a topic that varies depending entirely on your tastes. However, we have gathered a number of our most delectable wines that can be shared between you and your partner. These are wines that will excite the senses and offer a fiery, warming passion with every sip.

What is the Best Wine for Valentine’s Day?

It only falls once a year, so Valentine’s Day wine should be specially selected to celebrate your love. Italy is one of the world’s most romantic regions, so celebrate Valentine’s Day by selecting some of Italy’s finest options. Why not celebrate the special day by selecting a wine that is a little more expensive than you would usually choose, adding to that ‘once-a-year’ feel. Here are our selections...

  • Best white wine for Valentine’s Day: Feldmarschall Von Fenner Muller 2013, Tiefenbrunner, a delicate and aromatic wine that offers delicious fruit flavours to experience together.
  • Best red wine for Valentine’s Day: Amarone della Valpolicella, Lonardi. A stunning Amarone with wild berry notes and a cassis and raisin aroma for that sweet finish as you enjoy your special evening together.
  • Best alternative wine for Valentine’s Day: Prefer to celebrate with fizz? It’s a special occasion, so why not experience the beautiful Amori!

All Year Love: Our Most Romantic Wines

When it comes to romantic wines for the entire year, you need something special that can be enjoyed over a home-cooked dinner, or sipped after you’ve enjoyed a lovely date night. Here are our choices for our year-round best romantic wines...

  • Most romantic red wine: Malbec is often touted as one of the world’s most popular wines, and its deep, rich flavours speak deeply of romance. Try this fantastic Atamisque Malbec 2014
  • Most romantic white wine: If you’re cooking up a romantic meal, Riesling is a fantastic regal accompaniment. It’s a beautiful grape, and perfectly suited to a romantic evening. Try this stellar example from 1999.
  • Best alternative romantic wine: Any wine can be romantic, depending on the evening, but for something very special, why not select a wine whose vintage matches the year you met your partner? 

What is The Best Wine For Couples?

This is a question we are asked a lot. The issue is that, unlike the other wines we’ve recommended above, the idea of a wine that is specifically for ‘couples’ is hard to pin down. For both of you to choose the wine without an occasion in mind, it has to be something that matches both tastes. If you have a love for red and your partner white, perhaps a compromise between the two such as a rosé or a sparkling wine is the best wine for couples.

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