Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Rhône Valley
Code: RAST010
An intensely fruity ripe Rhône blend with a spicy finish.

Mikaël Boutin

Mikaël Boutin's estate is small but very influential in the Southern Rhône, with his two hectare plot producing only 10,00 bottles a year. An artisan Winemaker at heart, they only use small vats, a manual press and a few barrels for testing. Certified organic since 2011.
On the nose, very ripe black cherry and plum. On the palate the fruit flavour is intense with a hint of earth, spice and leather.
Drink with a Lamb shank or Barbequed meat.
Traditional methods are used primarily. Grapes are 100% destemmed, fermentation is kept to a minimum, no longer that 18 days. Too much intervention is avoided to produce expressive and elegant blends.

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