Type: Whiskies
Country: Ireland
Region: Carlow
Code: WRIT005
The inspiration for Writers’ Tears Double Oak was sparked when they first collaborated with the Legaret Family and Allary Cooperage in France for their Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Deau XO Cognac Cask Finish. The complex flavours of summer fruits and chocolate undertones from the Cognac cask led to Writers’ Tears newest creation –Writers’ Tears Double Oak.

Walsh Whiskey Distillery

The family is dedicated to continuing to play a central role in the revival of Irish whiskey as one of the world’s most appreciated spirits. They are doing this through the recreation of some old recipes from the 19th century, Ireland’s golden era of whiskey distilling, and also through the introduction of innovative new expressions for new palettes in a new era. They are passionate for both innovation and attention to detail. Detail in their choice of location for their distillery in an area blessed by the ingredients and climate to make world-class, premium whiskey. Detail in the creation of a distillery for distiller, visitor and whiskey-drinker alike – where manual operations reign supreme over machine so that innovative small batches can be crafted to perfection. They believe that their passion, innovation and attention-to-detail make a real difference to the enjoyment of people who choose their whiskeys and so they drive their family’s dream to create a legacy of whiskey excellence.
Spiced aromas and lots of sweet and earthy vanilla pod. The palate has juicy white stone fruits, lychee and lemon peel with a hint of grape skin dryness. A long finish with hints of dark chocolate.
Enjoy neat.

Gold Medal San Fran World Spirits Comp 2020; Gold Medal at International Spirits Comp 2020

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