Type: Whiskies
Country: England
Region: Derbyshire
Code: WIRE005
The spirit has been distilled with alternate cut points to previous Wire Works whisky releases, bringing forward richer fruit flavours and a different take to its background light peat – extending the personality of Wire Works Whisky. In addition to the change in distillers’ cut points, the casks used for the selected vatting lean more on first ex-bourbon than in previous releases, emphasising the fruit notes in the spirit along with a bolder range of vanilla.

White Peak Distillery

In mid-2016 they had no premises, no partners or staff, no permits or consents, nowhere near enough funding and no track record in the drinks & spirits industry. But Max Vaughan had a dream that he’d been carrying for years, of making whisky and other spirits in Derbyshire. He was fortunate to find some investors who liked his ideas, he met two great distillers and he found the perfect premises. He decided Ihed reached my now. White Peak Distillery is Derbyshire’s first full-scale craft distillery, making award-winning Wire Works Whisky, Shining Cliff Gin and rum with a proud focus on their unique Derbyshire provenance and heritage.
Lemon meringue and fruit sweets on the nose, tropical fruit and honey on the palate, with a buttery biscuit, light peat finish.
Best served neat or with a drop of water.

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