Type: Whiskies
Country: Scotland
Region: Glasgow
Code: ARDN070
Based in the rural Western Highlands as they are, they thought it was only right to celebrate the abundant, spectacular wildlife which surrounds their distillery. Having considered the animals which best represent their peninsula, they could come up with no better candidate than the midge, especially at this time of year! They are delighted to be officially collaborating with Smidge on this release, which will be a limited edition batch of only 6200 bottles.

Adelphi Distillery

The Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery built 1826 by Charles and david gray on the banks of the river Clyde just south of Victoria Bridge on the northern edge of the Gorbals. After many years of troubles in1971 came the final demolition of the Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery. In 1993 Jamie Walker (the great-grandson of Archibald Walker) revives the Adelphi name as an independent bottler in order to explore the mysteries of malt whisky and to make a limited number of rare, well-aged and top-quality malt whiskies available to the discerning whisky enthusiast. Charles MacLean becomes Adelphi’s "chief nose" In 2003 Jamie approached by Keith Falconer and his neighbour in argyll, Donald Houston, on a...
Aromas of Brandy snaps, pancake batter, crystallised ginger, nougat, smoked Manuka honey, love hearts, satsuma peel, freshly squeezed orange juice, extinguished candle. The palate is mouth cooling, fresh mint, bread and butter pudding, Edinburgh rock, cooked peaches, salted almonds, cookie dough, ashy. Leading to a finish that is sweet, smoky, lingering. With a bite.
Best served neat.

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