Type: Rum
Country: Seychelles
Region: Seychelles
Code: TAKA020
Traditional pot distilled Seychelles cane rum from four different barrels, including two port casks, is blended with pot and column distilled molasses rum that’s been aged for three years in ex-bourbon, as well as an 8 year old Bajan Foursquare molasses rum. Bottled at 45.1% ABV with no colour or sugar added, and non-chill filtered.

Takamaka Distillery

Before there were explorers and marauders there was Takamaka, the tranquil spirit of a paradise they now call Seychelles. In 2001, two brothers distilled this spirit and bottled it, to be unleashed by those making spirited moments of their own. The history of rum is teeming with pirates and revolutionaries. But cross the oceans to the other side and you’ll find a place unconquered, plundered or pillaged. A paradise where nature rules. Leading them to produce a truly luxurious rum, unsullied and unhurried. Because they do things differently, over there on the other side of the rum-making world. In 1881, General Gordon of Khartoum stated that the Seychelles was in fact the site of the Garden o...
This rum is full of rich fruit, such as dried apricot with notes of star anise and dried cocoa beans building into a complex finish full of dry spice.
Best served neat.

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