Type: Rum
Country: USA
Region: Virgin Islands
Code: SAIL001
A spiced rum created by the famed tattoo artist 'Sailor Jerry' Collins; a master craftsman, his artistry and integrity remain timeless as does the rum that bears his signature. The family company makes this rum the authentic way - spiced & smooth.

Sailor Jerry

Of all the big personalities in the wonderful world of rum there is perhaps none bigger than that of Norman Collins – the original Sailor Jerry. Born in California Collins subsequently lived a life packed full of adventure and intrigue. He learned the art of tattooing as a teenager while hitchhiking is way across the USA and at 19 he joined the navy – a move that would cement his love of travel ships and tattoo artistry. Norman then settled in Honolulu Hawaii and opened the Sailor Jerry Tattoo Parlour in the Hotel St district.The shop quickly gained popularity for both the outstanding artwork and Collins’ larger-than-life personality. His outspoken irreverent and uncompromising attitude was a hit with the navy men who were on leave and he soon gained legendary status across the island and beyond. In 1999 Hardy and Malone partnered with a small independent Philadelphia clothing company to establish Sailor Jerry Ltd. which owns Collins' letters art and flash and produces clothing and an idiosyncratic collection of items including a 92 proof spiced Navy rum featuring a quintessential Sailor Jerry hula girl on the label. As the bottle is emptied additional pin-up girls designed by Sailor Jerry are visible on the inner side of the label. The rum is distilled in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It takes its influence from Caribbean rum which sailors would spice with flavors from the Far East and Asia to make it more enjoyable to drink.
The all natural spices and flavours give a smooth taste characterized by top notes of vanilla and cinnamon.
Mix with pineapple juice and soda water for the perfect summer long drink. Or, if you've got a sweet tooth mix with root beer and vanilla ice cream!

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