Type: Rum
Country: Barbados
Region: St. Michael
Code: MOUN001
Mount Gay Rum's have been hand crafted in Barbados for 300 years - their Eclipse Rum is widely recognised as the oldest Rum in the world. Its subtle, balanced blend perfectly harmonizes taste and aroma. A versitile rum that is ideal in long drinks or cocktails, or can also be enjoyed on the rocks or neat.

Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.

Every great story begins with a time and a place. For Mount Gay Rum that time and place is the Caribbean Island of Barbados in 1703. Rum originally called “Kill-Devil” by the Barbadians who first distilled it is truly a product of the island. The abundance of molasses combined with the culinary ingenuity of early settlers and of course their legendary thirst for alcohol lead to this unique discovery in the production of spirits. Sir John Gay was a respected leader and businessman who worked tirelessly in service of the island of Barbados. A friend of Sir John Gay’s the contrarily named John Sober inherited a then-unknown distillery and had asked for Sir John’s help in managing it. Sir John Gay took quickly to the business of making rum. He refined the distillation process and began producing a noticeably superior product that we know today as Mount Gay Rum.
Distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana, with hints of vanilla. Subtle smokiness imparted by the toasted Kentucky oak barrels in which the rum is aged. Warm, medium body with a bright finish.
Such a good quality rum deserves simplicity. Fill a glass with ice, add Mount Gay rum and fill with Lemon-lime soda. Add lime wedge to garnish.

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