Type: Liqueurs
Country: Austria
Region: Salzburg
Code: MOZA015
A harmonious rendezvous of white chocolate liqueur and fresh fruit-taste. A fruit pleasure and easy to drink culinary delight.

Mozart Distillery

First-class chocolate liqueurs from Austria: They believe that they owe it to their brand name, Mozart, to achieve the highest quality and perfection. Mozart chocolate spirits are a homage to Mozart and to his birthplace, Salzburg. Behind every single bottle stands 150 years of experience of the spirits industry. Continuous improvement and an unremitting passion for innovation have made the brand what it is today – the global market leader in chocolate spirits. Mozart chocolate liqueurs are renowned as the best way to enjoy chocolate. And many cocktail recipes call on these fine Salzburg liqueurs for their unmistakable chocolate notes. All Mozart chocolate liqueurs share one thing in common: they are manufactured from natural raw ingredients, which everyone knows and virtually everyone likes. Cocoa, sugar and vanilla are the basic ingredients in a complex process, in which many hands still play a vital role.
The unique combination of high-quality chocolate and delightful fruit-taste. With the refreshing taste of natural strawberry and white chocolate.
Best served chilled!

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