Type: Liqueurs
Country: Scotland
Region: Blended
Code: DRAM001
A whisky liqueur from Drambuie, with the name celebrating the legend of its creation during the Jacobite uprising of the 1740s. A blend of 21 year old whiskies that was matured for a further 24 years in a mix of sherry and bourbon oak, for a total of 45 years, before mixing with Drambuie's secret recipe of herbs and spices.

Drambuie Liqueur Co. Ltd.

The story of Drambuie begins over 267 years ago in July 1746. Prince Charles Edward Stuart (known also as Bonnie Prince Charlie) was on the run after defeat at the Battle of Culloden had ended his hopes of restoring the Stuarts to the throne of Great Britain. The Prince was pursued by the King’s men across the Highlands and Islands of Western Scotland bravely aided by many Highland Clans. Among them was Clan MacKinnon whose chief John MacKinnon helped the Prince escape from The Isle of Skye. In thanks for his bravery the Prince gave John MacKinnon the secret recipe to his personal liqueur a gift that the Clan were to treasure down the generations. An extraordinary elixir that would many years later become known to the world as Drambuie.
The taste of Drambuie is the result of infusing a unique blend of aged Scotch whisky with a secret combination of spices, heather honey & herbs. The elixir was infused with spices such as cloves for their medicinal purposes, and saffron to give the liquid its rich golden colour. A unique Highland spirit - it is most certainly royal in appearance, exquisite in taste and deliciously potent.
Fantastic over ice or as a long drink with soda.

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