Type: Liqueurs
Country: Denmark
Region: Denmark
Code: HEER001
The pinicle of cherry brandies, made to a recipe dating from 1818 and matured for 3 years before bottling.

Heering Ltd

Peter Heering is a Danish manufacturer of liqueurs, most famous for Heering cherry Liqueur, a liqueur flavoured with cherries which is often referred to simply as cherry Heering in cocktail recipes. Heering cherry Liqueur has been produced since 1818, and the company is purveyor to the Royal Danish Court and to Queen Elizabeth II. It is sold in more than 100 countries.
Intense, pungent aromas of sour cherries and coriander, with hints of marzipan. The palate has a syrup like texture, best described as liquid Cherry Bakewell. The spicy notes from the nose are noticeably absent initially. Intense cherry flavours slowly dissolve leaving a subtly spicy finish, reminiscent of cloves.
Best served in a cherry flavoured cocktail.

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