Type: Gin
Country: England
Region: Northampton
Code: WARN005
Not just any old rhubarb, this has a lineage steeped in provenance; the Queen Victoria rhubarb has gone from Queen Victoria's Buckingham Palace garden, in the 1800's, to being grown on Crown Estate property in the 2000's. Softening the plant and then extracting the juice through traditional pressing methods, the fabulous liquid is combined with the global award winning Harrington Dry Gin and just enough sugar to balance the acidity.

Warner Edwards Distillery

Created by best friends Sion Edwards and Tom Warner Warner Edwards Gin is made in a 200-year-old converted barn in Harrington Northamptonshire. Warner Edwards copper pot takes their farms’ pure natural spring water grain spirit 11 botanicals including their home grown elderflower and transforms them into a fantastically smooth and aromatic dry gin. Each batch is small and every single bottle is carefully handcrafted from the filling to the wax seal and label finishing.
Victoria's Rhubarb Gin a rumbustious drink with a big burst of rhubarb; smooth and earthy with an exquisite fruity balance of sweet and sour. The rhubarb combines natural acidity with the fruity sweetness to create a real palate cleanser that's very quaffable.
Delightful in a rhubarb fizz.

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