Type: Gin
Country: Spain
Region: Seville
Code: PUER001
Described as a 'mistake' by the master-distiller after a failed attempt at making a strawberry liqueur with fresh strawberries, he added the mashed strawberries to a new gin he was working on and the rest as they say is history.

Los Alcores de Carmona

A few kilometres from the historic and beautiful city of Seville in the heart of Andalusia in Spain, is located the oldest Sevillian distillery (and probably the oldest in Andalusia). It is an ancient rural property next to the historic village of carmona in the middle of beautiful countryside which receives natural spring water from a nearby meadow. Built over the original roman baths and an ancient Arabian mill, the distillery “Los Alcores de carmona” distill a wide range of spirits. They are most famous for the first strawberry gin produced in Spain distributed under their flagship brand - “Puerto de Indias”. This family owned company maintains the tradition of distillation in copper stills dating from 1880 and they are masters of their art.
With a delicate touch of liquorice, this gin offers intense aromas of strawberry and juniper combined with subtle citrus notes.
Enjoy with your favourite tonic and garnish with fresh strawberry.

San Fransisco World Spirit Awards 2021 - Gold

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