Type: Gin
Country: Scotland
Region: Girvan
Code: HEND001
Quirky producer Hendricks make their pot-still distilled gin using cucumber as one of the primary botanicals. Unsurprisingly, this makes for a unique, tasty and incredibly refreshing Gin! Perfect for hot weather.

Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick’s Gin is the brainchild of long established whisky distillers William Grant & Sons producers of some of the best malt whisky in the world. Distilled and bottled in Scotland Hendrick’s is a super premium gin with a subtly different botanicals recipe that includes a unique infusion of rose petals and cucumber alongside more traditional botanical ingredients.
A famously gentle gin, Hendrick’s brings forth vivid images of cucumber sandwiches in rose gardens. It is light and sweet with gentle citrus and a fabulous burst of juniper.
Enjoy with a premium tonic water, or neat over ice.

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