Type: Gin
Country: Scotland
Region: Edinburgh
Code: EDIN055
A full-strength expression of the much-loved liqueur of the same flavour. With its unique recipe of 14 botanicals, they take their signature Edinburgh Gin Classic, and post-infuse it with rhubarb and ginger.

Edinburgh Gin Distillery

Located in the beating heart of Scotland’s capital the Edinburgh Gin Distillery is a destination quite unlike any other. Much like the 200 year old copper pot they use to distil, Edinburgh Gin is steeped in history and creation. They are the modern world’s tip of the hat to Edinburgh’s bygone era – when the city was awash with distilling wizardry and drinks such as the Fizz and Daisy were in order.
Bright aromas of rhubarb and juniper with a gentle sweetness. The palate is full of juniper balanced by a sharp tang, and pop of citrus and spice. A smooth, rounded finish with lingering spice.
Try it with premium Mediterranean tonic water.

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