Type: Cognac & Armagnac
Country: France
Region: Armagnac
Code: JANN001
Janneau VS Tradition Grand Armagnac is a lovely, well rounded armagnac made with the optimum choice blended armagnacs, carefully aged for four years in Gascon oak casks.

Janneau Grand Armagnac

Founded by Piere Etienne Janneau in 1851. The UK's Market leading branded Armagnac and with over 77 medals and trophies at international competitions its also the worlds most awarded Armagnac. With the worlds largest stock of old Armagnac (over 10% of the regions stock over 10 years old) Janneau can afford to use older stock in even the youngest blends. This means that Janneau will always exceed the appellations minimum legal ageing regulations.
A youthful armagnac displaying hints of prunes, vanilla and chocolate.
Great on its own as a digestif. Try also in cocktails and long drinks.

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