Type: Cognac & Armagnac
Country: France
Region: Cognac
Code: COUR001
Courvoisier is one of the big four producers of Cognac and produces a great range including this excellent VS.

Courvoisier Distillery

Originally established in Paris in the French suburb of Bercy in 1809 Emmanuel Courvoisier started a wine and spirit company with Louis Gallois then the mayor of Bercy. Originally Emmanuel and Louis would act as traders for the best cognacs of the region. Eventually the two decided that the only way they could guarantee the very finest cognac was relocate to the region and become producers themselves. The 200-year-old crafting process has not changed since Courvoisier’s establishment in Bercy.
Notes of pear and apple lead to a rich and full flavoured palate with notes of marzipan and caramel. An easy drinking good standard cognac.
Serve as it comes! Great for after dinner sipping.

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